Brand Repositioning Case Study


Redesign Blossoms into New Sales

Marketplace Results

The brand relaunched in August 2019 with its new packaging and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The new premium look visually positions the wines above their respective price points while communicating the unique features of the wine, appellations and the Monterey lifestyle. The Montoya brand has been given key features, promotional positions and an increased focus in the retail environment since the new packaging launched. The brand expects this rejuvenation in interest to translate into increased customer awareness and sales.

“CF Napa’s design and innovation for the Montoya brand exceeded our expectations. They captured the essence of the brand with a distinctive identity. Simply put, our customers fell in love with the new designs.”

Kyle Ray
General Manager
ASV Wines

Montoya Wine Packaging Design & Logo


ASV Wines


United States

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