Brand Repositioning Case Study

Luna Nuda

Italian Import “Shoots the Moon” with New Package Design

Marketplace Results

Since launching the new design Luna Nuda has gone from being sold in 3 states to 35 in just two years as well as Ontario, Canada in the OLCB stores. The new package design helped Winesource International gain authorization and distribution in Florida’s Winn Dixie and Publix grocery stores, using a couple examples of many, where it is now one of the top selling Pinot Grigios in its price category – even outperforming other brands with huge marketing budgets from major international suppliers. And what about on-premise? James Beard award winning restaurants and chefs are now serving Luna Nuda by the glass, where before they wouldn’t have considered pouring it without a stunning design.

“One of the many reasons I chose CF Napa was their incredible attention to detail in the final execution of the labeling and packaging… A unique and memorable creative design is critical but it’s the final execution with paper texture, bottle shape, embossing and all the other subtleties necessary that create the difference between great and average.

Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio was the first brand that we developed on our own with an agency like CF Napa. I didn’t know everything involved but I knew what I wanted in a broad sense. Working with CF Napa was a terrific experience. They advised, listened, adjusted and all the while were very patient with me throughout the entire process. They understood and showed a deep interest and concern to get it right as if it was their own ‘child’ – if you’re a brand owner, you know that these types of projects are very personal. With a new brand/package design the simple response you want from consumers, trade, employees etc. is ‘I love that’… we have gotten a lot of ‘I love thats.’”

Greg Mueller
Vice President National Accounts and Regional Sales Manager
Winesource International

Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio Wine Packaging Design & Logo


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