Brand Positioning Case Study

Kupu Spirits

Launching Hawaii’s Largest Craft Brewery Into Spirits

Marketplace Results

Kupu Spirits launched in 2019 and, although growth was slow in the beginning, it quickly picked up momentum. With 2020’s pandemic, supporting local business became even more important to consumers, making the brand’s Hawaiian accounts more open to carrying local craft beverages. From there, distribution expanded from Hawaii to the mainland’s west coast where the brand has been very well received. Overall, Kupu Spirits consistently receives very positive reviews from both retailers and consumers and has accomplished an impressive feat – every product can boast that it is an award winner.

“CF Napa worked with us to create packaging that related to our parent company, but was clearly separate, with designs that reflected our promise to consumers on our sensitivity to Hawaii, its culture and history. They refined our logo and typography and created elements with bona fide detail. The result hones in our authenticity of premium spirits locally crafted on Maui.”

Marsha Hansen
Marketing Manager
Maui Brewing Co.

Kupu Spirits Gin & Whiskey Packaging Design & Logo
Kupu Spirits Canned Cocktail Packaging Design & Logo


Maui Brewing Co.


United States

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