Brand Repositioning Case Study

Clos du Val

Refreshing One of Napa Valley’s Historic Wine Brands

Marketplace Results

The brand relaunched with the new look in June of 2021 with the 2019 vintage - the wines sold out in 10 months. The 2019 vintage contributed to a 40% depletion growth in 2021 and then a 37% depletion growth in 2022. The category was previously experiencing an average of 5%-7% depletion growth. Clos du Val often refers to themselves as the “oldest new brand” on the market and has found that the new design reclaims the terracotta color as a point of difference and iconic calling card of the brand. The usage of the color as well as the switch to a lighter cream-colored capsule has greatly improved shelf pop and contributed to noteworthy growth in fine wine stores as well as on-premise sales.

“CF Napa knows and understands the Luxury and Fine Wine categories. They are very good at listening to the client’s brief and then developing a system of creative design. They have great account representation and are extremely responsive to the client’s zigs and zags.”

Mike Holden
Clos du Val

Clos du Val Red Blend Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Clos du Val Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc & Rosé Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Clos du Val Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Clos du Val Estate Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Clos du Val Yettalil Wine Packaging Design & Logo


Clos du Val


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