Brand Repositioning Case Study


Establishing a Tiered Design for Hillside Winery

Marketplace Results

The winery rolled out the new packaging as new vintages were released with the white wines launching prior to the reds; by the fall of 2020 all SKUs were sporting the new look. The design has been incredibly well received by trade, media, retailers, and consumers. With the new, clearer tiering structure established, both tasting room staff and salespeople are better able to differentiate between wines and tell the holistic story of the winery. The packaging design has sparked interest from new customers and provided a conversation starter for existing fans, allowing the winery to increase wine club conversion.

“Working with CF Napa was incredibly easy. They listened to our brand story and history and gave us a number of options for our rebrand. They listened to our feedback, changed design details when needed and overall, we had an amazing experience. To say that we would highly recommend them would be an understatement.”

Shelann Sleegers
DTC & Marketing Manager
Hillside Winery

Hillside Base Pinot Gris Merlot Packaging Design
Hillside Heritage Cabernet Franc Packaging Design
Hillside Hidden Valley Vineyard Merlot Packaging Design
Hillside Mosaic Wine Packaging Design


Hillside Winery



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