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Fetzer Vineyards


Fetzer approached CF Napa Brand Design to redesign the Fetzer brand to recapture the brand’s long-standing California heritage, increase shelf impact and improve quality cues. Fetzer also wanted an updated shipper case that would not only maintain the brand’s message of sustainability, but also act as a point-of-sale piece.


CF Napa Brand Design designed a label that captured Fetzer’s pioneering spirit for environmentally friendly farming as well as the high quality of their wine. CF Napa assisted Fetzer in moving to a green, earth friendly bottle with lightweight glass; a move not only better for the environment, but also far more economical for shipping. To highlight Fetzer’s California heritage, CF Napa incorporated a refined illustration of the iconic Fetzer Valley Oaks Vineyard. A tag element was introduced to the label with strong brand messaging communicating the handcrafted, organic and friendly personality of the brand. Color-coding was added to the label and capsules to distinguish red and white wine flavor profiles. To reinforce the high quality of Fetzer Wines, premium quality cues such as vineyard designate names, foiling accents, and ebossing techniques where incorporated to the new design. The end result is a well-evolved package rooted in the brand’s heritage and positioning with much stronger shelf presence and shopability.

Marketplace Results

The new package design launched in February 2012, and Nielsen’s initial lunch numbers show an 8% increase in total US volume with a 3% increase in California alone.

“When you make changes to a 1.8 million case brand you want to make sure you maintain and expand your primary base. CF Napa creatively utilized the Fetzer equities while increasing the core messaging and quality cues of the brand. The creativity behind their solution truly stands-out. Not only did they create a successful new package, it was accomplished from design to bottling line in 3 months with their team working remotely with ours in Chile. Impressive work all the way around. With a 1.8 million case brand, production efficiency is a key factor in the bottom-line. 
CF Napa increased the quality of our finished goods while protecting production efficiencies. The new bottles, capsules and labels all run seamlessly on our production line. Working with CF Napa has truly been a wining formula.”

Rodrigo Maturana
Global Marketing Director
Fetzer Vineyards