• "We came to CF Napa with very high expectations, yet I'm happy to say that they still somehow managed to completely blow us away. The results speak for themselves through the universal and overwhelming “wow!” reaction we get to our packaging. I've spent a lot of time looking at our bottle and I'm still stunned by just how good it really is and how well it captures the image we want to present as a brand. It's a testament to CF Napa's professionalism, knowledge, creativity, attention to detail and pure unabated awesomeness that allowed them to take the jumble of ideas we threw at them and turn that into something better than I (or anyone else) could have imagined.

    Even though we are a startup working on a limited budget, the investment we made in CF Napa is completely insignificant compared to the value they created for our business. I consider CF Napa's contribution a cornerstone of our success going forward and I genuinely can't speak highly enough of our experience working with them."

    Colin Baker
    Loch & Union Spirits

  • “When my brother and I first reached out to CF Napa we were hesitant to hire a professional agency to help us redesign our packaging – as a family business, we were on a budget and were wary of the potential risk in changing our image after only being in business for a couple years. We had seen CF Napa's amazing portfolio and knew it was a risk that would be beneficial to our brand. Based on the rave reviews on the new package from trade and consumers alike, not only was hiring CF Napa worth it, it was one of the best business decisions we’ve made for our brand. Now, The first thing out of almost everyone’s mouth is 'Wow! I love your packaging! You did a great job with the label!' I only wish we had hired CF Napa from the beginning!"

    Brandon Matthies
    Sonoma Brothers Distilling

  • “We were delighted with the end result of this project. CF Napa came up with an extraordinary and impactful new label, which has been a real game-changer for the Errazuriz brand in the U.S. We received extremely positive feedback on the new packaging from many of our distributors, who are reenergized to sell the wines with this eye-catching MAX branding. We look forward to seeing them fly off shelves!”

    Alexander Michas
    Senior Vice President/COO

  • “I have worked with several designers over the years and I couldn’t be more grateful that I found CF Napa. In fact, now they’re the only agency I trust with my brands. Most importantly, CF Napa really became a part of my team, taking extra time to understand my goals and vision for the brand. As the design process progressed, the team worked thoroughly through each revision until we achieved a professional, clean and timeless package. We’ve always had a quality product inside the bottle but now, thanks to working with CF Napa, it really shows on the outside too.”

    Refino Valentine
    President & Founder
    Valentine Distilling

  • “One of the many reasons I chose CF Napa was their incredible attention to detail in the final execution of the labeling and packaging… A unique and memorable creative design is critical but it’s the final execution with paper texture, bottle shape, embossing and all the other subtleties necessary that create the difference between great and average.

    Luna Nuda Pinot Grigio was the first brand that we developed on our own with an agency like CF Napa. I didn’t know everything involved but I knew what I wanted in a broad sense. Working with CF Napa was a terrific experience. They advised, listened, adjusted and all the while were very patient with me throughout the entire process. They understood and showed a deep interest and concern to get it right as if it was their own ‘child’ – If you’re a brand owner, you know that these types of projects are very personal. With a new brand/package design the simple response you want from consumers, trade, employees etc. is ‘I love that’… we have gotten a lot of ‘I love thats’”

    Greg Mueller
    Vice President National Accounts and Regional Sales Manager
    Pacific Highway Wines & Spirits

  • “Like an extension of my brand vision, CF Napa was connected to my brand goals and took the time to truly understand the story. Working with CF Napa has been fantastic. Their ability to pivot and respond to my variable needs and timelines sets them apart.”

    Jarret Stuart
    Caldera Distilling

  • “When you make changes to a 1.8 million case brand you want to make sure you maintain and expand your primary base. CF Napa creatively utilized the Fetzer equities while increasing the core messaging and quality cues of the brand. The creativity behind their solution truly stands-out. Not only did they create a successful new package, it was accomplished from design to bottling line in 3 months with their team working remotely with ours in Chile. Impressive work all the way around.

    With a 1.8 million case brand, production efficiency is a key factor in the bottom-line.

    CF Napa increased the quality of our finished goods while protecting production efficiencies. The new bottles, capsules and labels all run seamlessly on our production line. Working with CF Napa has truly been a wining formula.”

    Rodrigo Maturana
    Global Marketing Director
    Fetzer Vineyards

  • “Aggressive, talented and efficient. When I missed errors, they caught them. When I dropped balls, they caught them. Professional and thorough, from bottle concept to bottled bourbon… Quality inside and outside the bottle.”

    Dan Garrison
    Garrison Brothers Distillery

  • “There are several tempting design agencies and portfolios out there. Every year the competition is keener. Yet CF Napa stands apart with many winning seasons, a deep bullpen and a very savvy manager.

    They work fast, and their splendid crew develops several winning designs to choose from—with no lead ups or “straw men.” Dave Schuemann is talented and driven. He often functions as our brand psychiatrist. He knows how to listen, what questions to ask. He understands the wine business, the categories, the trends. He gives it to you straight. In the end, we walk out of there with more than a powerful package. We get a keener, deeper product narrative, too.
    The best part of our CF Napa experience is showing their labels to our sales force. The buzz in the room becomes irrepressible and forces a premature coffee break. Some reach for the bottle mockup (DON’T TOUCH THAT!), others their cell phones. They can’t wait to show their new package to their distributor, the trade. What’s that worth?

    Our experience consistently proves one thing. CF Napa doesn’t just sell labels. They sell marketing director insurance.”

    David Brown
    VP Business Development
    Freixenet USA

  • “Our desire was to upscale the Line 39 label to reflect the high quality:price ratio that the brand had become known in the marketplace. CF Napa “hit it out of the park” and we still get feedback on a regular basis that the label looks far more expensive than the price. This is exactly what we wanted.”

    Roy Cecchetti
    Cecchetti Wine Company

  • “Being new to the spirit world I was unsure of who to turn to when designing my custom bottle and new brand launch. CF Napa Brand Design came as a reference from a friend of mine who has been in the wine packaging business for 20 plus years. From start to finish David Schuemann and his team were a pleasure to deal with, and went above and beyond overseeing production challenges to see that my package was worthy of a top shelf product as requested. They now have earned a life long client.”

    David Souza
    High Roller Spirits

  • “Launching our wine business has been an exciting and challenging process. At every turn there has been a learning curve. In creating our brand and marketing approach, CF Napa was invaluable in providing a combination of seasoned advice and fresh creativity. CF Napa excels at truly partnering with their clients to achieve an excellent outcome. We were a part of the design team and therefore feel tremendous connection to the packaging and website. We have received highly positive feedback on our brand’s “look and feel” and the story reflected by the visual representation of the brand. CF Napa has played a key role in our initial success.”

    Christina Landy
    Landy Family Vineyards

  • “I have worked with CF Napa on many projects and all have turned out exceptionally well. They are easy to work with, their results are great, and the process is easy. They have great variety in their work, which allows them to design for all different types of packaging. The cost to benefit was well worth it.”

    Ray Signorello
    Signorello Estate

  • “The team at CF Napa, are the consummate professionals in their field, with the talent to match these skills… I am comforted by their sincere concern for our brand and its success… I know they have our best interests and success in their heart, and their work ethics and commitment is proof positive of that commitment. We feel they are our partners in our destiny.”

    Jesse Lee Carrigan
    Blue Head Tequila, LLC

  • “The team at CF Napa sets a benchmark for creative and intelligent design that delivers an emotional connection with their work. They have been engaging and responsive partners, always collaborative and fully understanding and inclusive of our brand essence and objectives. They always bring new and fresh ideas to the table that produce exciting results.”

    Steve Myers
    Vice President, Marketing
    Duckhorn Wine Company

  • “I have been in the wine business for 35 years and have worked with gaggles of designers in the past. CF Napa's team of talented designers consistently captures our vision, producing the most creative and professional final product.”

    Bill Leigon
    Jamieson Ranch

  • “Much of the growth within the DeLoach portfolio is attributable to our design company, CF Napa. What sets them apart from other agencies is their creativity and ability to grasp the essence of each brand. They understand the intricacies of the beverage industry and the subtleties of positioning and communication. Their designs strike an emotional chord with our consumer and trade audiences. Dave and his team are talented, experienced and professional.”

    Jean-Charles Boisset
    Boisset Family Estates

  • “Each time I work with CF Napa on a project I am in awe of their ability to capture the personality and essence of the brand, and make it come to life on the packaging. Unlike other design firms, CF Napa carefully guides their clients through the print and production process, all the way managing the vendors involved to ensure that your dream packaging is realized perfectly.”

    Amy Aiken
    Meander Wines

  • “The advantage of working with CF Napa is that Dave Schuemann has an innate understanding of the market and marketplace trends. As a constant student of the wine business, Dave offers not just design counsel, but a strong handle on sales and category trends in the wine space, a winning combination.”

    Dennis Carr
    Vice President Marketing
    Charles Krug Winery

  • “Coming into a crowded category, we needed to make a strong statement quickly. That's why we chose CF Napa. We've worked with them in the past and found their designs to be contemporary and fresh without sacrificing a quality impression. Their work on Tapeña was especially impressive. The packaging has layers of complexity and the core quality cues that resonate with our target consumers. They also created POS, advertising and website materials that were strategic, consistent, realistic and within budget. We're so pleased with CF Napa's performance on Tapeña that we've hired them for more of our brands.”

    David Brown
    VP, Business Development
    Freixenet USA

  • “You aren't given many second chances in the wine industry to introduce a new brand, but CF Napa gave us that chance with their redesign of the Redtree packaging.”

    Roy Cecchetti
    Cecchetti Wine Company

  • “CF Napa brought fantastic ideas and our new Slingshot label was born. The final touch, a bullet hole in a label, brought a smile to everyone’s face – an “aha moment” that reverberates through every market we are in. The instinct to pick up Slingshot from the shelf couldn’t be any stronger.”

    James Stewart
    General Manager
    Slingshot Wines

  • “Elaine, Sara and I at Culmina Family Estate Winery are delighted with the work of CF Napa. They have done an excellent job of executing the strategic vision of the design brief for our brand. They developed our brand's name, many of the proprietary names for our wines, our logo, packaging, marketing materials and signage. The response from both consumers and the trade has exceeded our expectations. The team at CF Napa are professional, responsive and efficient and are a real pleasure to work with.”

    Donald Triggs
    Co-Proprietor & Principal
    Culmina Family Estate Winery

  • “The thought of being able to create a label that would be both unique and true to our vision was not only a daunting task, it seemed impossible. From the first meeting with CF Napa, we had no doubt that they were the best choice for the job. They listened to our story, sifted through our magazine clippings and photographs, and really worked to get a sense of what we wanted our label to feel like. The staff was always available and willing to work with us and always returned emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Because we are such a small producer, the initial investment of label design was incredibly difficult to budget for. It has been by far the greatest investment we have ever made and our gorgeous label continues to make us smile when it turns heads and sparks conversation.”

    Steve and Stephanie Domenichelli
    Domenichelli Wines

  • “Beyond their creativity, what sets the design team of CF Napa apart are their responsiveness, practical, cost effective approach, and flexibility in meeting the client’s needs. They work within budgets, respond quickly to electronic mail and telephone calls, and meet deadlines.”

    Patricia M. Rock
    Saracina Vineyards

  • “Effective marketing and brand image are paramount to a winery’s success. Beyond the excellent reviews we’ve had over the years for our wines, we’ve had as much positive feedback on our brand packaging. There is a distinct art to creating something esoteric and unique, yet appealing and elegant. I have worked with CF Napa through the years and I am a perfectionist by nature. CF Napa has worked patiently with me, showing tenacity when I declined proposed concepts, exhibited flair when I called for it, and exercised creativity in spades. I wouldn’t consider going elsewhere!”

    Claus Janzen
    Bacio Divino Cellars

  • “Dave and his team have an amazing ability to capture a brand's essence. With very little input, they were able to create a design that was well beyond my expectations. They are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

    Joel Aiken
    Winemaker, Proprietor
    Aiken Wines

  • “Working with professionals like CF Napa never seems expensive once you have already paid amateurs.”

    Gary Finnan
    GFC Marketecture LLC