The Owl & The Dust Devil

The Owl & the Dust Devil Wine Packaging Design & Logo
The “storybook-like” packaging makes use of an engaging illustration that shimmers on label with foil accents telling the intriguing story of this “natural dance” unique to Finca Decero’s Remolinos Vineyard.


Finca Decero



Project Scope

Story Development
In-House Illustration


2017 GDUSA - American Package Design Award

2017 Lurzer's International Archive

2018 Graphis Design Annual - Silver

2018 Harpers Design Award - Best Innovation

2018 San Francisco International Wine Competition - Label Design Competition - Double Gold

The Owl & the Dust Devil Wine Packaging Design & Logo
High against the Andes Mountains in Mendoza sits one of Argentina’s jewels: the Remolinos Vineyard. Here, in this tranquil environment, a group of Lechuza owls have made their home. Perched atop vineyard posts, they keep a watchful eye over the vines, protecting against pests – both real and imagined.
The Owl & The Dust Devil Wordmark Design Detail
The Owl & The Dust Devil Label Design Detail
Throughout the growing season, a mystical battle unfolds. ‘Remolinos’, or whirlwinds, arise, their spiral forms mischievously weave their way through the vineyard. Catching sight of the swirling dust, the owls take flight in chase until the dust devils disappear into thin air. The owls then return to their watching posts, satisfied that their precious vines are safe once again.
The Owl & The Dust Devil Illustration Detail
Little do the owls realize that the dust devils play an equally important role in protecting Finca Decero’s vineyard. Their airflow defends their vines from spring frosts and keeps their grapes dry and cool during the summer. This intricately woven scene between two natural wonders, the winged predator and the wind, helps make their Remolinos Vineyard so distinctive and The Owl & The Dust Devil wine so exceptional.
The Owl & The Dust Devil Wine Shipper Design
The label makes a unique use of spot gold foil that is incorporated into the packaging to create a sense of movement in the “Dust Devil’ depicted in the illustration.
Brand Strategy
Story Development