Texas Outlaw Revenuers

Texas Outlaw Revenuers Whiskey Packaging Design & Logo
Inspired by the Prohibition Era rebel lawmen that refused to enforce the alcohol ban, the design needed to harken back to that snapshot in time and embody the bold and brave spirit of the outlaw revenuers.


Solenopsis Distilling


United States

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2022 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards

2022 Packaging of the World

2022 World Brand Design Society

2023 GDUSA American Package Design Awards

2024 Graphis Design Annual - Gold

Texas Outlaw Revenuers Whiskey Packaging Design & Logo
Drawing inspiration from “wanted” posters of the period, CF Napa created an illustration of 1920s revenuers walking around a classic Cadillac V-16, the style of car owned by the infamous gangster, Al Capone. This artwork is nostalgic, referencing a pivotal time in American history.
Texas Outlaw Revenuers Logo Design
The double-sided label packs a dynamic punch with the Revenuers illustration on the front and barrels of protected whiskey on the other side, visible through the back of the bottle. The paper was given a burned and aged treatment, mimicking the effects of time on a hidden bottle of forbidden spirits.
Texas Outlaw Revenuers Back of Label Design Detail
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