Local Anesthetic

Local Anesthetic Spirits Packaging Design & Logo
Solenopsis Distilling came to CF Napa to create the logo and packaging for their new spirits brand, Local Anesthetic.


Solenopsis Distilling


United States

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2022 Communication Arts - Exhibit Online

2022 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards

2022 Packaging of the World

2023 GDUSA American Package Design Awards

Local Anesthetic Spirits Packaging Design & Logo
Inspired by the beautiful simplicity of apothecary packaging, CF Napa started by selecting a sleek bottle and silver T-top closure reminiscent of classic tinctures. The label design utilizes clean sans serif typography, and a subtle pastel color palette provided a system for differentiation between the products. A monogram seal logo for Solenopsis Distilling Co. was developed as the final touch to unify the various products as a family.
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