Lithic Hill

Lithic Hill Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Hamel Family Wines came to CF Napa to develop a new luxury brand for placement in higher-end, off-premise channels.


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Lithic Hill Wine Packaging Design & Logo
The packaging needed to stand completely on its own from the rest of the Hamel wine portfolio, while also still maintaining the timeless charm of the Hamel brand. The new label, Lithic Hill, was named after the winery’s unique piece of land in the Mayacamas Mountains. The soil is made up of a distinctive mixture of volcanic materials including obsidian and perlite glass.
Lithic Hill Wine Label Foil Design Detail
Lithic Hill Wine Label Design Detail
The label design shows off these characteristics of the earth with a representation of the layers that define Lithic Hill. Hues of black, gray, and gold foil stamping were combined with strategic embossing to create the visual and textural variation of this exceptional terroir.
Lithic Hill Capsule Design Detail
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