John Anthony

John Anthony Wine Packaging Design & Logo
The label design for John Anthony Vineyards’ first release needed to strike a balance between the modern and natural to appeal to a young, affluent wine connoisseur.


John Anthony


United States

Project Scope



2005 The Great Design Show - Finalist

2006 PRINT Regional Design Annual

2006 Type Directors Club - Typography 28

2007 Type Directors Club 27 - Typographic Excellence Award

2010 Napa Valley Museum "Art & Wine: The Expression of an Industry"

2010 Trademarks USA - American Pixel Academy

John Anthony Wine Packaging Design & Logo
John Anthony Wine Label Design Detail
Leading the timeless design is a strong yet refined, contemporary typographic treatment of the vineyard name to create a layered, organic icon. Subtle overlaps, a registered deboss and felt paper soften the large letters as a tertiary element to further enhance a luxurious feel. The result is a modern interpretation of classic letterforms that express family tradition.
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