Hundred Knot

Hundred Knot Khoai Wine Packaging Design & Logo
RD Winery came to CF Napa to create the name and packaging for a new wine brand drawing on inspiration from the owner’s heritage.


RD Winery


United States

Project Scope

In-House Illustration


2021 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards

2021 Packaging of the World

2021 San Francisco International Wine Competition - Double Gold

2021 World Brand Design Society

2021/2022 World Brand Design Society Awards - Bronze

2022 Beverage Testing Institute Packaging Compendium - Gold

2022 Packaging of the World

2022 CQ66

2023 Graphis Design Annual - Gold

2023 Harpers Design Awards - Silver

2023 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition - Best of Class, Abstract Art
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Hundred Knot Khoai Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Hundred Knot Khoai Wines Label Design Detail
The name “Hundred Knot” is based on a Vietnamese parable that teaches the importance of hard work and perseverance.
Hundred Knot Cork Design
Hundred Knot Khoai Wines Bottle Line Up
For the upper-tier Khoai Wines, a hand-painted brush stroke created an abstract illustration of a bamboo stalk to form the main graphic of the label. The brush stroke was embossed and the RDW icon was debossed, providing the final textural touches to the exceptional wine.
Hundred Knot Core Wines Packaging Design & Logo
Hundred Knot Core Wine Label Design Detail
Each of the labels has a unique bamboo pattern, just as no two bamboo trees are exactly alike. One bamboo stalk is dressed in gold foil, which catches the light and stands out amongst the forest symbolizing the reward of hard work.
Hundred Knot Core Wines Illustration Detail
Brand Strategy
Story Development