High Roller

High Roller Vodka Packaging Design & Logo
High Roller is an ultra-premium boutique vodka brand created specifically for the Las Vegas market.


High Roller Spirits


United States

Project Scope

Custom Bottles


2010 Trademarks USA - American Pixel Academy

2011 HOW International Design Awards

2012 Mobius Awards - 1st Place

High Roller Vodka Packaging Design & Logo
High Roller Vodka Custom Bottle Design Detail
The final touch was developing an icon that would say both Vegas and premium. Our solution is a silver metal die, which reads both as an “H” and a roll of seven, which will always be the “High Roller” since six is the highest number found on dice.
The bottle’s crystal cut design was influenced by the martini shakers and crystal decanters of the “Rat Pack Era” and has the added bonus of making the bottle very easy to grip for fast-paced bar pouring in clubs. The top of the bottle has a notch that signifies a cut above the rest with the “High” portion of the branding falling “above the cut”.
High Roller Vodka Vodka Closure Design Detail
High Roller Logo Design
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