Heir Apparent

Heir Apparent Wine Packaging Design & Logo
The design for Heir Apparent was inspired by the idea that great wines are influenced and improved by the lineage of great winemakers and wine that preceded them.


Grand Napa Vineyards


United States

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2017 Creative Quarterly 47

2017 GDUSA - American Package Design Award

2017 Packaging of the World

2020 World Brand Design Society

Heir Apparent Wine Packaging Design & Logo
The artistry of the winemaking of each new vintage is the culmination of learning and technique learned through the years.
Heir Apparent Wordmark Label Design Detail
Heir Apparent Seal Design Detail
The design makes use of a historical "family tree" of exceptional winemakers and those who proceeded and thus contributed to this exceptional wine.
Heir Apparent Capsule Design Detail
Heir Apparent Wine Wooden Box Design
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