eg by Educated Guess

eG California Tier Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Roots Run Deep came to CF Napa to redesign their eg by Educated Guess collection of wines.


Roots Run Deep


United States

Project Scope


eG California Tier Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Their current packaging created confusion in the marketplace as consumers reported choosing another wine than what they intended to buy. Thus, creating the need for greater differentiation among their offerings and the elevation of brand perception. Along with their current portfolio's packaging refresh, the client also wanted to introduce a new, entry-level SKU, eg California, to the market.
Starting with the new eg California Tier, CF Napa created a modern design by creatively re-imagining the brand’s equity elements. The signature Educated Guess orange was elevated from an accent to an impactful, full-label flood of color, ensuring shelf pop and a clear point of difference from the rest of the portfolio. The eg icon was placed in a vibrant white on the left side of the label with the molecular formulas for making wine running off to the right.
Educated Guess eG North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Packaging Design & Logo
For the core eg by Educated Guess wines, CF Napa simplified the treatment of the vintage, varietal, and appellation and positioned them toward the right side of the label, increasing the white space around the recognizable eg icon and providing a fresher asymmetrical feel to the brand. To give eg further power, the Educated Guess wordmark was moved to the top of the label, lending the quality endorsement of the family of wines to the brand while still allowing eg to live firmly on its own.
Educated Guess eG North County Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Packaging Before Redesign on Left & After on Right
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