Educated Guess

Educated Guess napa County Cab primary image
Roots Run Deep came to CF Napa to redesign their Educated Guess brand.


Roots Run Deep


United States

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2024 Packaging of the World

2024 World Brand Design

Educated Guess napa County Cab primary image
The current packaging was causing confusion in the marketplace with their other brand, eg by Educated Guess. There needed to be greater differentiation between the two brands and the price point perception needed to be elevated to match the quality of the wines and their sourcing.
Educated Guess Napa County Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Packaging Before Redesign on Left & After on Right
The brand name, appellation, varietal, and vintage were placed in the center of the label. The iconic wine formulas were simplified and pulled away from the wordmark, creating a more premium perception that was representative of the quality of the wine. The color coding was continued through the redesign to allow loyal consumers to identify their favorite wines.
Brand Strategy
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