Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Grand Napa Vineyards tasked CF Napa with creating the packaging for their Calculated Risk wine brand with a clever wink.


Grand Napa Vineyards


United States

Project Scope



2018 Creative Quarterly 53 - Runner Up

2019 HOW International Design Awards

2020 Graphis Design Annual - Silver

2020 Packaging of the World

2020 World Brand Design Society

Calculated Risk Wine Packaging Design & Logo
We worked with them to capture the essence of a brand that champions the risk takers, the dreamers, the “crazy ones” who have changed our world. We represented the analytical aspects of thought processes with a series of “+” and “-” signs. Visionaries will discover the hidden “plus” symbol; a validation to those who see things differently to keep pushing boundaries.
Calculated Risk Wine Label Design Detail
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