Black Sage Vineyard

Black Sage Vineyard Wine Packaging Design & Logo
When Arterra Wines Canada was preparing to restage and redesign their Black Sage Vineyard brand, they returned to CF Napa – the designers of their original packaging 7 years prior.


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Black Sage Vineyard Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Black Sage Vineyard Bourbon Barrel Aged Wine Packaging Design & Logo
For the brand’s specialty Whiskey Barrel Aged Red, the design was printed on a wood label, providing textural appeal and insight into the unique winemaking process.
The winery was transforming the brand into one with a modern, rustic, yet refined, sensibility and both the packaging and the new tasting room space needed to reflect this. CF Napa developed the brand vision – including color palette, tasting room design inspiration, and merchandising and culinary concepts. The cream-colored label was replaced with a more impactful black-and-white palette with pops of red to help tie it back to the original packaging. The copy on the front was minimized to give the label a modernized, clean look. A square diecut created an eye-catching detail while allowing the brand name to pop.
Black Sage Vineyard Brochure Design
Black Sage Vineyard Inside Spread Brochure Design
Black Sage Vineyard 2012 Wine Packaging Design on Left & 2019 Redesign on Right
Black Sage Vineyard Logo Design
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