Drink With Your Eyes®

Connect With Your Customers Through Brand Strategy

Every brand has a story; tell it well and you’ll give your customers a reason to believe and better yet, to buy.
There is more to your brand than meets the eye. With the millions of choices at the fingertips of increasingly sophisticated consumer segments, just standing out is not enough. Your brand must maintain category relevance, consistently communicate your brand’s message, and connect deeply with your consumer’s core beliefs and lifestyle.
Our DNA process develops a complete brand platform with tangible tools that optimize both the launch of a new brand and the repositioning of existing brands. We help you Define, Position, and Activate your brand – ultimately connecting more deeply with your consumer, forging a long-term bond with your product.
We are unafraid to ask the hard questions, to get scrappy when necessary, and to immerse ourselves in your world to create a brand strategy that becomes your north star.
Whether you’re rebranding or starting from scratch—we will make sure you’re impossible to ignore.
Process & Components
  1. Brand Audit
    1. A “head to toe” checkup for your brand.
    2. Brand vs. Market analysis
  2. Brand Therapy
    1. Internal Alignment: we identify any lapses in alignment, internal or external, and lay out a clear path forward.
  3. Positioning/Repositioning
    1. Where does your brand sit within your competitive set?
    2. We examine your product offerings, tiering, and price structure and, if necessary, restructure accordingly.
  4. Brand Voice/Brand Development
    1. This is more than just storytelling – at this stage we build out crucial, evergreen elements of your brand: Voice, Personality, Benefits, Pillars, and Essence.
  5. Brand Activation
    1. This is where it all comes together. This psychological deep dive becomes the core of your communication solar system – the jumping off point for website copy, social media, email, physical collateral, and packaging design.