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Signorello Estate


Signorello Estate


Since the mid-1980s, Signorello Estate has produced serious, limited-production wines primarily from their estate vineyard in Napa Valley. Their winemaking philosophies, based on the traditions of the French vigneron, merge European techniques and sensibilities with the opulent fruit of Napa Valley. Signorello Estate approached CF Napa Brand Design with a desire to better communicate their philosophy and the quality of their wines through refreshed packaging, while Continuing to leverage equity elements of their current packaging. CF Napa was asked to address the tiers of the brand and to enhance the brand packaging of their flagship wines, Hope’s Cuvée and Padrone.


CF Napa Brand Design streamlined Signorello’s Estate and Vineyard Designate wines into a more cohesive tier while leaving their most exclusive wines, Hope’s Cuvée and Padrone in the top tier. CF Napa refreshed the Signorello Estate logo featuring a portrait of Bacchus, the god of wine. Special print techniques using foil with a bronze patina on embossed textured paper were employed to give the symbol a dramatic three-dimensional and historical look. The label’s notched corners were retained to provide easy recognition and continuity. A bottom strip label was added as a design element that allowed for a space to highlight estate and important winemaking information.

Marketplace Results

The marketplace responded extremely favorably to the redesigned Signorello brand identity and packaging. Since the label’s launch in 2009’s difficult economic climate, Signorello enjoyed a 20% increase in sales over the prior year.

“I have worked with CF Napa on many projects and all have turned out exceptionally well. They are easy to work with, their results are great, and the process is easy. They have great variety in their work, which allows them to design for all different types of packaging. The cost to benefit was well worth it.”

Steve Myers
Proprietor/Wine Maker
Signorello Estate