Boordy Vineyards Chesapeake Icons

Boordy Vineyards Chesapeake Icons Wine Packaging Design & Logo
Boordy Vineyards engaged CF Napa to refresh and premiumize their Chesapeake Icons brand.


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Boordy Vineyards Chesapeake Icons Wine Packaging Design & Logo
This series of wines accounted for a majority of the winery’s sales so, while it was due for a refresh, it was extremely important that the new look did not alienate current faithful customers.
Boordy Vineyards Logo Design
The old packaging featured illustrations of the iconic animals of the Chesapeake – the region Boordy Vineyards calls home. The illustrations were strategically restaged to maximize their visual impact while maintaining their delicate features. The usage of pencil sketch tones for these drawings created a new evocative, modern aesthetic for the packaging. These animals provide a window into the unique ecology of Maryland while also creating a crystal-clear SKU differentiation system. The refined Boordy Vineyards logo was brought front and center on a colorful band on the otherwise black and white label – directing the eye to the winery name for easy brand recognition.
Boordy Vineyards Chesapeake Icons Wine Packaging Before Redesign on Left & After on Right
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