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Voveti - Italy




Freixenet USA came to CF Napa Brand Design to create a new Prosecco brand to be imported from Italy to the U.S. The concept was to introduce a new brand, positioned towards a younger demographic, that offered a contemporary alternative in an overly traditional category. For the production of the wine, Freixenet found the perfect partner in the Collavini family, the acclaimed master craftsmen of Italian wines. The challenge for this project was to showcase the brand’s casual elegance while highlighting the new partnership between Freixenet and the Collavini Family, as well as the winemaking traditions of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in Northeastern Italy. Furthermore, the package design and identity needed to fit nicely with Freixenet USA’s existing portfolio of sparkling wines, but still be able to stand alone as a brand and convey premium appeal.


We started the process by reviewing the competition among Proseccos in the U.S. Market and abroad and found that most of the Prosecco brands already on the shelf were staid and conservative. We believed that a fresh, modern offering could really stand up and sing, and do so with enormous promise. Working closely with Frexienet we developed the name Voveti, a derivative of the Latin root voveo, a verb meaning to “vow” or “promise” – a salute to the promise of this new partnership, and the exciting quality of the wine itself. For the packaging we took our inspiration directly from modern Italian fashion and fragrance. The bottle has a sleek feminine quality, and the label is a glossy, almost wet-looking black. Against that black composition, we present the Voveti word mark with an “O” that stands out elegantly in a bright peach-orange color, quietly signaling the wonderful melon and ripe peach flavors of the wine.

Marketplace Results

Just over three years old, the Voveti brand is doing very well domestically and internationally. In the U.S. alone it is in over 2,500 accounts, 850 on-premise, and case sales are growing at a rate of over 40%. Voveti won the Sommelier’s Challenge International Wine Competition’s “Best Prosecco” award and has done extremely well with critics, garnering consistent 88+ scores.

“CF Napa astonished us with listening, efficiency, speed, updates and most importantly, various creative, multiple offerings to choose from- from names to positioning to packaging to sales materials and POS. They can do it all. Thank you CF Napa, Sempre Avanti!”

David Brown
VP of Marketing & Advertising
Freixenet U.S.A.