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Slingshot Wines


Slingshot competes in a varied category comprised of both older, more established brands and newer, edgier ‘upstart’ brands. The challenge was to create a label that could compete in both categories. The brand name, Slingshot, is catchy and memorable, but it had previously been paired with a more conservative and conventional label. The new package design needed to tell the story of the wine and convey, in the words of second-generation proprietor James Stewart, the truth that “wine should be fun”. Slingshot, a wine for casual enjoyment, brings a bit of irreverence to a product category that can feel overly serious. At the same time, the package design needed to exceed price point look and feel expectations, and reinforce to the consumer that they are getting something very special for the price.


Finding that the original label and packaging did not match the brand’s young, irreverent spirit, CF Napa developed the tagline, “Irreverently Made in the Napa Valley”. Then, building on the refined positioning and equity of the existing slingshot logo, we found a graphic image that would dramatically convey the brand’s upstart personality: a bull’s-eye. The image both familiar and impactful was perfectly suited to take the visual lead on the label. The resulting label design features a hole that is die-cut through the bull’s-eye and the label itself, allowing the glass of the bottle to show through as if the label has been shot through by a slingshot projectile. The effect completes what is undeniably one of the more eye-catching wine label designs on the market today.

Marketplace Results

The market reaction for the brand redesign was incredibly positive. Within a few short months of release, Safeway, the second largest grocery retailer in the United States, added the wine to all its top-tier stores nationwide. Production tripled in two years and Slingshot was able to expand distribution to retailers like Whole Foods and Total Wine, where placement had not previously been possible.

“CF Napa brought fantastic ideas and our new Slingshot label was born. The final touch, a bullet hole in a label, brought a smile to everyone's face - an “aha moment” that reverberates through every market we are in. The instinct to pick up Slingshot from the shelf couldn't be any stronger.”

James Stewart
Slingshot Wines