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Scarlett Wines


Scarlett Wines approached CF Napa to do a label redesign project for Scarlett, a brand named affectionately after proprietor Sherratt Reicher’s daughter. They wanted a label design that expressed the premium quality of the small-lot production Cabernet Sauvignon with an elegant, modern, and artistic look and feel. Furthermore, maintaining the family history behind the name and the brand was paramount in the strategy of the new design. The challenge was to develop a package design grounded in the family’s history yet edgy enough to make a statement on the shelf.


We took our inspiration from the warm, distinctive style Czech painter Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), an art nouveau pioneer whose mural art and advertising posters often featured lovely women with expressively flowing hair. In the modern-day work of a European illustrator, we found exactly the style illustration we wanted, a young woman of classic beauty. We reworked that image into a brilliant scarlet red, and then wove gold foil grape leaves into her flowing hair evoking the image of the “Goddess of the Vineyard”. The final design is both arresting and exotic, but most importantly, true to the Scarlett brand.

Marketplace Results

Both Scarlett Wines’ retail accounts and direct customers have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the label redesign. The real ‘proof’ though has been in their sales growth, which has expanded in all active markets. Capitalizing on the excitement surrounding the brand, Scarlett Wines has since extended the line to showcase a limited production Zinfandel and Petite Verdot. The wine continues to rack up awards including those from the prestigious Sunset Wine Competition, the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the American Fine Wine Competition and more.

“The Scarlett label developed for us by CF Napa creates not only an unforgettable first impression, but a lasting one. It is captivating, vibrant and captures all the beauty and elegance of the wine itself. CF Napa demonstrated exceptional creativity with developing this label and it has undoubtedly helped create a positive perception of the brand and set us apart from the competition.”

Scarlett Wines