High Roller Vodka


Souza Enterprises


After running a restaurant in Las Vegas for several years, David Souza returned to his family farm in Atwater, CA to make spirits from their farm’s sweet potatoes. Wanting to leverage the connections he made in the gambling capitol of the world, the idea was to develop a high-end vodka brand positioned directly towards the Las Vegas nightlife and casino scene.


With the name High Roller, the package had to have a luxurious, high-class look and feel with a direct link to the Las Vegas lifestyle. Influenced by the glorious days of the Rat Pack in Vegas, the custom glass bottle was inspired by a classic martini- shaker meets crystal-rocks glass aesthetic. The bottom of the bottle is a crystal cut texture that then transitions at the top of the bottle with an actual level change – a literal “high” portion of the brand name. A metal die icon was created to not only be the letter “H” but also as a guarantee to be the high roller every time, showing the lucky number 7. The final design was screen printed onto the custom glass and finished with a platinum colored capsule.

“Being new to the spirit world I was unsure of who to turn to when designing my custom bottle and new brand launch. CF Napa Brand Design came as a reference from a friend of mine who has been in the wine packaging business for 20 plus years. From start to finish David Schuemann and his team were a pleasure to deal with, and went above and beyond overseeing production challenges to see that my package was worthy of a top shelf product as requested. They now have earned a life long client.”

David Souza
Souza Enterprises