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Errazuriz Max Reserva




Viña Errazuriz, one of the most iconic and storied Chilean producers, came to CF Napa with declining off-premise sales, drops in on-premise placements and mixed feedback from the important trade gatekeepers on what many described as the drab, conservative look of their Max Reserva packaging. The challenge of this project was to redesign the logo and packaging in order to reinvigorate the brand and attract new consumers, including Millennials, with a look that had more “attitude”, yet still rang true to its heritage.


We wanted to create a visually iconic reflection of the estate, which was achieved by a daring re-interpretation of the winery assets and the introduction of an entirely new visual platform. The existing winery illustration was altered and reused and then combined with an incredibly detailed border system that harkened back to the feeling of a historic passport stamp. The final touch was incorporating a color-coded capsule system to distinguish between varietals, completing the brand’s new contemporary look. As a natural step, CF Napa recognized an opportunity to distinguish between the words “Max” and “Reserva” on the new design. While the term “Reserva” in the Chilean wine category holds meaning in relation to quality, in the US market it has become nearly irrelevant due to its overuse on many wines that do not fit the technical definition of the term. “Max” on the other hand supports a positive halo of quality, and allowed for an incredible creative springboard for us to explore the brand hierarchy, and an opportunity to enhance memorability with consumers.

Marketplace Results

Within a few short months, the Max Reserva went from one of the poorest performing brands in the portfolio to the 5th fastest selling brand in the portfolio by inventory depletions. In fact, December 2015 was the second-best selling month in the brand’s history with Vintus. Accounts that had previously rejected Max Reserva with the old packaging are now ordering, and re-ordering due to its popularity with consumers.

“We were delighted with the end result of this project. CF Napa came up with an extraordinary and impactful new label, which has been a real game-changer for the Errazuriz brand in the U.S. We received extremely positive feedback on the new packaging from many of our distributors, who are reenergized to sell the wines with this eye-catching MAX branding. We look forward to seeing them fly off shelves!”

Alexander Michas
Senior Vice President/COO