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Charles Krug


Charles Krug Winery


In 1999, the venerable Charles Krug winery, one of the oldest wineries in Napa dating from 1861, invested a significant amount in its vineyards and winery. They spent close to $22 million in new plantings, clonal selection, new oak barrels, undertaking an organic program as well as upgrading the winemaking considerably. Great news for the winery, the problem? The trade was working with an older package, going on ten years, that reflected the pre-investment perception by the wholesaler network of lower perceived quality.


CF Napa Brand Design redesigned the package to a more contemporary, premium look that appealed both a new younger wine consumer, while not alienating the brand’s existing more seasoned consumers. The solution transformed the winery’s 1861 established date into a major graphic element on the label and the introduction of the tagline: “Napa Valley’s First Winery” to highlight the winery’s incredible history. In addition, the winery’s historic script logo, that had been abandoned on many of the brand’s tiers years prior due to readability issues, was completely redrawn to be more readable. The resulting new wordmark was able to be used across all the brand’s tiers to create consistency across all product lines.

Marketplace Results

Charles Krug has enjoyed double digit growth every year since the label change-over for the 2004 reds and 2005 whites. It has also exceeded volume goals ever since the re-design and re-launch.

“The advantage of working with CF Napa is that Dave Schuemann has an innate understanding of the market and marketplace trends. As a constant student of wine business, Dave offers not just design counsel, but a strong handle on sales and category trends in the wine space, a winning combination.”

Dennis Carr
Vice President Marketing
Charles Krug Winery