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Camelot Mead


Oliver Winery & Vineyards


The client came to CF Napa to redesign the first wine produced by Oliver Winery, Camelot Mead. The challenge was to develop a modern way to present a mead wine, a beverage that is traditionally very conservative based on its long history. The goal was to develop the brand to appeal to a younger audience, be fresh, inventive and disruptive. Camelot Mead is one of the few meads that was to be positioned as a wine so it needed to stand out against the other traditional wines on shelf.


The Camelot Mead redesign was inspired by the rich history of making mead wine from honey. The packaging displays an avant-garde collage of historical illustrations of flowers, bees and European aristocrats montaged with an abstract building block graphic of honey comb. A unique diecut technique was employed to showcase a frog peaking around the edge of the label. A high-build spot gloss silkscreen further elevated the design by creating both texture and visual dimension. The overall solution is eye-catching, contemporary and most importantly a complete departure from the mead category in order to attract and introduce new and younger consumers.

Marketplace Results

Since its launch in 2017, Camelot Mead has proven to be a hit among consumers. It is currently the number one selling mead in the United States according to a Nielsen 52-weeek study concluding on December 31, 2018. The wine has an especially strong following in the Midwest, attracting craft beverage aficionados and Renaissance fair goers.

“We wanted to redesign the package to remain in line with rebranding efforts across all of our product lines and influence a positive, higher-quality perception of the product with wholesale buyers and end consumers. This redesign was also an opportunity to create something edgy, fun, and playful. The design we ended up with [has] layers of printing techniques in a novel and economical way and even included an “Easter egg” frog that has become a brand icon for storytelling and point-of-sale materials. The design is funky, colorful, and thoughtful, with so many elements that informed creative surrounding the launch. We were so happy with the creative choices, including the capsule and the new glass selected. The entire package communicates whimsy and craft in this niche wine category.”

Sarah Anderson
Marketing Director