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Apple Pie


Oliver Vineyards & Winery


The client came to CF Napa with the challenge of creating a design for their new wine, Apple Pie. A wine made from 100% apple juice balanced with creamy sweet vanilla, it was being positioned as the taste of pie in a bottle. No baking. No fuss. No forks. Just fun.


To showcase this wine, we created a retro, ‘50s Americana-inspired label. A classic illustration calls to mind a vision of fresh-baked pie in a kitchen still warm from the heat of the oven—the air heavy with the sweet fragrance of cinnamon and apples. A distressed hot stamp of an apple adorns the middle of the label, reminding the customer of the wine’s dominant ingredient while giving the wine a rustic, homemade touch—just like mom used to make.

Marketplace Results

The wine’s launch in 2016 exceeded Oliver’s expectations; they sold out the 12,000+ cases that were produced. In 2017, they sold out their increased 25,000+ case inventory and topped $1 million in sales. With the help of a cult following on social media, the sales of Apple Pie continue to climb each year. Its avid fans have compared the fall release of Oliver Apple Pie to the iconic Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.

“The team at CF Napa created a package that truly brings you home. The wine feels that it is meant to be shared with others. They presented so many beautiful, spot-on ideas for this product that we were sad to only select one! The finished package was a winner from concept to fruition. I am always wowed by the CF Napa team’s level of professionalism and organization, the high quality of presentation at each phase, and the follow-through on press. Dave and his team are accessible and approachable. It is a pleasure to have them in our corner as we create winning products together.”

Sarah Anderson
Marketing Director