Why CF Napa?

Unlike other agencies that work within a blinding myriad of industries, our focus is 100% within the alcohol beverage category. This specialization has made us experts with an exceptional understanding of design that sells, complemented by professional account management and flawless production oversight. The results are solutions that consistently garner both critical acclaim and a strong measurable return on investment for our clients.

Based in Napa Valley, California for over 40 years, CF Napa is considered one of the original modern day wine label pioneers. Over the years, we have expanded our capabilities, servicing the broader alcohol beverage category, including spirits, ciders, beers and other alcoholic beverages, establishing ourselves as one of the worldwide leaders in alcohol beverage branding.

Our solutions are firmly grounded in strategies that leverage current marketplace opportunities, the increasingly more sophisticated consumer segments, as well as the rapidly changing technology within the industry.

CF Napa has created and restaged hundreds of brands, to incredible success by maximizing their strategic positioning. Our clients span the full gamut from growers and producers to retailers.


While our design solutions are always unique from one another, there is a common thread behind each one. CF Napa’s unique methodology is based on one fundamental lesson we’ve learned: differentiated strategic positioning and evocative design are both essential for establishing an emotional and cognitive connection between a consumer and a brand. When historical truth, culture, lifestyle, and strategic positioning are balanced correctly with artful design, the results are both visually appealing and commercially successful.

One of the keys to success in breaking through the ever-growing crowd of offerings in the alcohol beverage category is exceptional design and packaging. There is no question about it: with all sorts of consumer products, visually-appealing packaging piques our interest and invites trial. But in the world of alcohol beverage branding, the art of design engages a fascinating additional truth:

We drink with our eyes.™

Similarly, as any experienced chef will tell you, the presentation of food on the plate, the melody of colors in play and even the different textures of the food all have a significant impact on how we appreciate our dining experience. These factors influence the taste of food on the palate, and not surprisingly, the same is true with alcohol beverages.

At CF Napa Brand Design, we have seen time and time again how a consumer’s perception of an alcoholic beverage—its color, aroma, and taste—is profoundly influenced by the bottle’s shape, package design and even the texture of the label. We have seen consumers detest the taste of a beverage if it comes from a package design they don’t like, and conversely have seen the exact same consumers love the taste of the same beverage when it comes from a package design that they find pleasing. Packaging that appeals to us beckons us to try a product, reinforces our experience while we consume it, and enhances our ability to recall the brand for future repurchase.

Thus, strategic packaging design is not just an aesthetic exercise, but a commercial necessity.

“We’ve won hundreds of awards, most importantly,
we’ve helped our clients sell millions of cases.”

David Schuemann
Owner/Creative Director
CF Napa Brand Design