Located in Napa, California, CF Napa Brand Design is recognized as one of the leading brand design firms in the world. We specialize exclusively in brand work for the alcohol beverage category. Our multidisciplinary work encompasses a comprehensive range of applications with an integrated approach to:

Brand Strategy/DNA – Discovering New Avenues

Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most overlooked steps in marketing. It’s often the element that causes most businesses the biggest challenge, but it’s a vital step in staging your brand for market success.

For brand owners looking to launch a new brand, or restage an existing one, a brand DNA exercise can be a powerful tool to establish vision alignment, lifestyle and positioning opportunities, and brand aesthetics, to ensure long term brand viability. Our DNA process (Discovering New Avenues) works to unearth new ideas and market opportunities, ensuring effective positioning at launch. By analyzing both marketplace and target consumer lifestyle trends we determine opportunities for new product development and competitive advantage. From there, we develop the tools to establish the core tenets of your brand’s personality and the basis for design inspiration, brand voice, and future copy development.

Working with our clients, we start by discovering the most elemental part of their brand – “Brand Essence”. Rather than pages of flowery adjectives or a thesis on process, it is the underlying values, guiding principles, and hidden attributes at the core of each brand that make it unique. Once defined, we write a captivating narrative that not only communicates the brand’s essence to consumers but also positions it in direct correlation with their lifestyle – engaging their beliefs, interests, aspirations, and ultimately creating the emotional and cognitive connection that takes them from awareness, to trial, to advocacy.

Name Generation

Branding and naming have a powerful connection. As the essential nexus of a brand, a name sparks an emotional connection to communicate a brand’s key attributes as a powerful element in establishing its personality. Pinpointing a name that is legally available, evocative of your products attributes, free of negative association, and memorable can be a considerable challenge. It is both a creative and strategic approach followed by qualitative analysis. Our verbal branding and naming expertise encompasses brand names, sub-brands, tag lines, descriptors and nomenclature systems.

Story Development

At CF Napa we feel that storytelling should take the consumer on an emotional journey – appealing to their wants, needs and desires – all the while telling them about the product. It weaves together the brand’s essence, benefits and marketing message to create an emotional and cognitive connection with the consumer. Every brand has a story; we work with you to tell it well and to give your customers a reason to believe and better yet, to buy.


Whether revitalizing an existing brand, establishing a sub-brand or creating an entirely new brand, our logos encapsulate a brand’s essential attributes. These solutions speak beyond the physical mark to represent the character of a brand and are flexible enough to work across a myriad of applications, communicating a brand personality that resonates with consumers and builds an emotional connection at every point of contact.


As the culmination of naming, identity and structure, our consumer packaging expertise covers a broad range of categories for diverse applications in the alcohol beverage category. Packaging is on the front lines with consumers at the point-of-purchase, and as the primary expression of your brand, it is your greatest sales tool. CF Napa’s packaging design solutions are more than just aesthetically beautiful, they’re grounded in strategy that leverage both the brand’s unique story and it’s positioning in the marketplace, all the while respecting production budgets.

Custom Bottles

Our goal with any structural design is to merge optimized function with aesthetics. It requires our team to fulfill the roles of both artist and engineer and to consider production, price point, quality, and shelf impact. Often, it presents an opportunity to explore alternative materials and forms; or to utilize traditional elements in a new way resulting in a proprietary structure that has both utility and style. Our structural design portfolio includes solutions for proprietary bottles, cartons, and complete custom packaging.


Well-written, poignant, and audience appropriate copy is crucial to ensuring your brand message is being delivered dynamically and on-target. Engaging copy isn’t just a practical medium of communication – every word is opportunity to tell your story, build an emotional connection to your brand and call your consumers to action. Our copywriting services run the gamut from tagline development, to website and marketing collateral copy.

Marketing & Point-of-Sale Collateral

Our marketing and point-of-sale materials provide a more robust view of a brand by leveraging engaging and informative design that cuts through the market noise. They ensure that long after the sales call or tasting, the brand message continues to be reinforced. Our marketing & point-of-sale collateral projects includes an overall strategy while considering each individual piece in order to optimize the design and message while economizing the production cost of each element. Our work spans both on and off-premise including in-store displays, neckers, coupons, brochures, tasting cards, dealer incentives, distributor communications and more.

Electronic & Web Communications

Our Web and electronic communications leverage the unique opportunity to engage a wide audience in a dynamic environment. At CF Napa we optimize the latest technological advantages while keeping in mind its limitations to enhance your visitor’s online experience. We offer our clients adaptable solutions to fit their diverse marketing needs regardless of the platform while always reinforcing your brand’s voice. Keeping in mind the multiple devices consumers use, to interact with your electronic communications including websites, banner ads and email communications.


Signage programs provide information as a dimensional brand extension within an environment. It is a critical element in a consumer’s branding experience that not only fulfills a need for guidance, but also reinforces corporate identity. Our signage portfolio considers context-appropriate materials and solutions for way-finding, identification, instructional, and information signs.

Off-the-Shelf Program

The window of opportunity to capitalize on a private label retail opportunity, new consumer trend or an emerging category closes quickly which is why we understand the need for lightening quick packaging design solutions. With our off-the-shelf program, we’ll curate a presentation of finished design concepts from our catalog of existing designs that meet the objectives for the brand, its target market and sales opportunity. While not appropriate for highly strategic projects, this solution can be an effective tool for quick to market or shorter-term market opportunities. Because these package designs bypass the need for custom development, print-ready artwork can be created in a fraction of the time of custom packaging development.